What drives the winning move?

Fix Tech is about enhancing your current tech setup to ensure it's utilized to its full potential. I dive into your existing technology, identify areas for improvement, and provide clear, actionable guidance to optimize and advance your operations in line with your business goals.

Absolutely. If your goal is a total tech transformation, I provide expert advice on alternative options that resonate with your organization's ambitions. You'll receive tailored instructions and workshops designed to bring every member of your organization up to speed with the upgraded systems.

For initiating contact, simply fill in the form located in the contact area of my website or send a message via LinkedIn. This will kick-start our initial conversation and pave the way for future collaboration.

There’s no prerequisite for our first meeting. Just come prepared with an outline of the problem you're encountering within your business, and we'll take it from there.

Absolutely not. I pride myself on breaking down complex, tech-savvy concepts into simple, understandable terms, ensuring that our discussions are accessible regardless of your technical background.

If you sense, recognize, or are certain that your business is facing stagnation, it's a clear sign to reach out. I'm here to help you navigate through these challenges and find effective solutions.

The duration varies depending on the nature and complexity of the issue. I recommend checking the solutions section on my website for an overview of how I approach problem-solving.

Generally, yes. However, it's crucial to understand that minor issues may be symptoms of a deeper, interconnected problem. Addressing the root cause is essential for a comprehensive resolution, not just a quick fix.

I provide services both remotely, available globally, and on-site within the EU, UK, and Switzerland. This flexibility ensures I can meet your needs, regardless of location.

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